My prices take into account the cost of materials (including wood, stain, etc.) and the time for sketching and burning.

The items below are my most popular, but are not inclusive of everything I can create! If you have an idea, reach out and I can work with you and your budget.

Since all of my work is sketched and then burned by hand, prices below are estimates and may vary based on intricacy and material availability. I am happy to offer a free quote.

Cutting Boards

Designs are hand burned onto Bamboo Cutting boards. Prices range from $25 – $35, depending on how detailed the design is.

This cost includes personalization!

Serving Platter

Custom handmade serving platter, stained to be safe with food. Pricing starts at $60.

Because it’s handmade, everything from the design to the handles can be picked by you.

Live Bark Wood

These can be used for decorations or cutting boards.

These can be used as a medium for anything from family names, family trees, custom designs, to wood-burned photos. Pricing for average design below.

  • Rectangle (13″x 10″): $30 – $35
  • Elongated Oval (25″ x 9″): $55 – $60
  • Oval (12″ x 10″): $25 – $30
  • Circle (4″ x 4″): $5 – $10
Growth Charts

No better way to watch a baby grow! 6ft growth chart, includes personalization with first, middle and last name with stippling detail for $70

Family Sign

Completely customizable signs that can come in a variety of sizes. Due to the flexibility of sizes, mediums, and detailing, a free quote is available upon request.

Turning a photo into a wood-burned cutting board

If you have a favorite photo that you want woodburned, I can make it happen. Images are sketched by hand, then burned by hand.

Pricing starts at $40 for burning onto a stained cutting board, and may increase based on material and intricacy.


Set of 4 bark coasters. Can be personalized and are stained to be safe with food. 4 for $30, 8 for $50.

Family Tree

Each tree is designed by hand to fit your unique family. Starting from the trunk of the tree with initials stretching into the branches. Burned onto cutting board and stained to be safe with food – $60.

House Sign

Make a “welcome home” sign pop with an image of you or a loved one’s home. Pricing ranges from $35-45, depending on what you would like it burned onto.

Decorative Signs

Signs can be on almost any medium, and can range from light weight hanging decorations to larger plaques. Can be custom ordered to fit any need, space, and budget.

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